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Do you feel like you’re under relentless pressure to achieve business results

while navigating evolving workforce expectations to become a

more human and relational leader?  We get it. 

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Changing how we lead the future of work.

HumanKind Business Leaders™️ is at the forefront of changing the way entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and other senior executives lead, work, and operate businesses. Our ethos, People-Hearted & Business-Minded™️, is a provocative call to action that should not be ignored. All of us not only can, but must become SMB leaders who are skilled at holding two intentions at the same time:         

Doing Well & Doing Good

       Holding People Accountable & Holding People with Compassion

               Leading the Way & Supporting Others to Lead

Learn to do both, and you’ll become the leader your company needs and
the leader you are meant to be.

The cornerstone of building a prosperous and healthy business. 
People-Hearted & Business-Minded tagline.

At HumanKind Business Leaders™️, our belief is simple: becoming People-Hearted & Business-Minded™️ is the cornerstone of building a prosperous and healthy business. We’re committed to partnering with senior leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs to help you do just that with custom business solutions for your organization.

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HumanKind Business Leaders Founder,  Beck Sydow, sitting on a stool.

Our Leadership Story

Our Founder, Beck Sydow (they/them), is an SMB (Small Medium Business) leader just like you. Prior to launching HumanKind Business Leaders™️, Beck spent five years as CEO/COO of a company that sustained hyper-growth while also deeply committed to people and culture.

Beck joined this successful company as employee 47 when annual revenue was $12 million. Under their leadership, the company grew to more than 130 employees producing $32 million in revenue—a whopping 170 percent increase in top line alongside a 100 percent increase in profits. The business was acquired in 2021.

The company’s success was directly connected to its culture, values, vision, and the frameworks they utilized to build an award-winning ecosystem.

Earlier in their professional career, Beck was on the leadership team of another organization with growth potential. However, once revenues reached $10 million, the company ran out of cash—despite a great business model and book of clients.

Beck founded HBL to provide business advising along with leadership and executive coaching to companies at both ends of this spectrum—from wildly successful to facing a few hurdles—and anywhere in between.

A deep commitment to leadership team development and the sharing of their knowledge and the skills to build, grow, and scale organizations across the continuum of business and leadership may have been formed in their past, but it now guides their future.

What could you do with Beck’s company by your side?

Our Services

Connect, Discover, Build, Grow… from a complementary chat a one-time leadership roadmap, to individual one-on-one business advising and leadership coaching for you and/or your entire leadership team, HumanKind Business Leaders™️ offers business consulting for companies with

1 - 150+ employees. Learn more about our Individual and Team business

advising and leadership coaching packages.

What They're All Saying

HBL Clients and Trusted Business Leaders Insights

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“Over the past two years, collaborating with Beck has been transformative. As an outstanding coach and mentor, Beck possesses a unique talent for providing insightful frameworks that have revolutionized my problem-solving approach in both process and interpersonal dynamics. I've refined crucial skills, fostering increased proficiency and confidence both in my professional role and personal life. I'm immensely thankful for Beck's invaluable mentorship and the cherished friendship that has blossomed along the way.”

Lindsey Comeau, Chief of Staff, Sunday

Alexa Young, CA


Featuring our Founder's Insights and Antics

Business Advising and Leadership Coaching.
Business Advising and Leadership Coaching.
Business Advising and Leadership Coaching.

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